I thought the idea of people with 5K+ battles being tomatoes was a joke. How wrong I was

Jus played a battle on Empire’s Border grinding my VK 36.01 H for the Tiger and just before I checked my stats on tomato.gg. 1K battles, 48%, trying to improve so whatever. We spawned on the southern base, T6/7 match and noticed our only T7 heavy, a KV-3, was right at the back on the south west corridor while a VK 30.01 P and I were holding back all enemy heavies at the bend in front. Got all of 2 kills somehow, probably due to sidescraping, and everyone was yelling at the KV-3 to actually try and help. Eventually he pushed forward and was sniped into oblivion immediately.

Now, I’m not a really bad tomato, I want to improve but I’m not good enough to carry a bad team, fair enough, one day maybe, so I don’t get annoyed by bad plays. I thought he might have been in a similar boat as me. Boy was I wrong.

I’m not going to name names, but this guy had 12K battles and a W/R of 43.5%. I was flabbergasted. How does someone play that much and not improve? It made me think of the amount of hours one needs to put in- I’ve only come back after a 2 year hiatus for this week because of lockdowns and mus have put ~20 hours in for 600 of my 1K total battles, I’ve improved from 45% to 48%, but I cannot imagine that even after 3K battles I’d be below 49.5% if I didn’t improve too much.

I’m still reeling from this revelation because if I was that bad I’d not be having fun. I’m fairly chill with this game, but if I was losing 3/5 games I’d not be too happy with continuing for another 450 hours. I just hope he’s having fun.

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