I was once competitive player, untill I discovered “this”

I still care about my stats to some point, but honestly, I just cant help it.. I am having so much fun with this tank 😀

Its even better when you know something from military history, and know that Sheridans “derp gun” the 152 mm gun launcher, is its historical gun, it actually used – for example in Vietnam war, or several sheridans were even deployed during Desert Shield. Unfortunately there are no Shillelagh ATGMs in the game.

Even after the rebalance of HE, I am doing quite well with it, when you consider that

its bad LT, more like MT/LT hybrid Its win ratio and overall stats (tomato.gg) EBR 105 is in the game

My set-up is – bonds Vstab, Bonds Ventilation, and bounty camo thing, that gives you + 9 % camo + almost 7 perks crew, BiA, full camo, both view range skills + ofc Cola.

Sometimes you get really screwed by RNG, and miss all your shots, but more often, I am quite “lucky”. And when all stars are aligned for the derp, well..

I have stable about 49,5 % winrate, and I would consider this my biggest WoT achievement – getting 2 gun marks with that derp 😀 Theres no better feeling in this game, than smacking EBR 105 for 900-1K.







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