I wish I hadn’t bought the Lansen C

I really don’t know what I was thinking when getting this thing. I used to have good stats on it but nowadays this pile of junk is so inconsistent for me that I don’t feel any fun from playing it.

– The glass cannon formula doesn’t work for me because TDs are overall better glass cannons already
– The armor can’t decide if it’s good or shit, one match I get a fire on the first received hit, the opther I bounce 3 high caliber shells in a row
– It’s the same with the penetration of this thing. Often I get games when I shoot 20 times and only get 1 pen while aiming at “green” parts.

I rarely play this tank now but when I do, it’s a complete shitshow. It’s either 0 dmg and dying at the beginning or 3,5k damage and the 1st class medal, never anything in between.

I wish I could exchange this tank for another because rn it’s my only Tier 8 prem.

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