I’d like to start a discussion… (Plus some bonus memes)

In light of a recent post I made, I’d like to start a discussion:

I recently made a post (https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/u2uiac/god_i_hate_when_people_beg_for_rewards_instead_of/) complaining about people who beg for rare medals (Radley Walters, top gun, etc.) after someone who did so started insulting me after the game had finished. I did this because I believe that medals like these should be earned by players instead of it being gifted to them, I also though this was a common stance on the situation, but boy was I wrong.

It seems I have struck a nerve in the player base with this opinion as the high downvote to upvote ratio seems to indicate. Take the game in case for example:

Tier 8 – 6 match making, I’m having an mediocre game in the Firefly VC. The friendly 703 II is having an decent game, nothing special considering he is in a 703 II against tier 6’s and 7’s mainly. We’re pushing a flank together and he has now racked up 5 kills. Then in chat “6 plz”, I think nothing of it as we’re winning by a landslide and I’m not going to intentionally stop him from getting 6 kills, but I’m not going out of my way to give it to him either as I would like to at least have a decent game as well (to help with gun marks, BP points and credits etc.). The 703 II gets the kill and gets a top gun, good for him, he pushed a flank and earned it.

As we carry on moping up the final few enemies he gets another kill, again in chat “8 plz”. I’m just shaking my head at this point because he has already got a top gun and still isn’t satisfied even though we’re winning 13 kills to 5 or something (Classic turbo game). Another team mate kills one of the 2 final enemies and the entire rest of the team is rushing the final enemy including me and the 703 II, as we’re driving uphill I have the power to weight ratio advantage and get there first, I put 2 shots into him with the second one being an ammo rack for ~300 damage or so. Now I’m happy I’ve had a decent game (1500-1800 damage plus a little bit of assistance) and have come top 3 buy XP.

Immediately after the game I receive a message (Can’t say I’m surprised), it’s the 703 II… “thx b*stard idiot”. Now I’m irked, this guy is not only still not satisfied with 7 kills and 2500-3000 damage in a 703 II vs tier 6s – 8s but he thinks he deserves to have a Radley Walters medal gifted to him on a sliver platter. I then retaliate by explaining to him that I think he should earn the medal instead of beg for it.

So I have a few questions for everyone:

Am I in the wrong for wanting to have a decent game and as a result not gifting a rare medal to a team mate?

If gifting rare medals to player is the right thing to do, what is the point in them being rare?

If a rare medal gets gifted to you, do you still feel a sense of accomplishment?

Finally (I know this is an extreme example but you get the idea), How is rigging medals for team mates different to rigging events like ranked? In both cases don’t both the players get rewards they didn’t earn?

Hopefully I can get some good discussions as to why my opinion is the wrong one (or the right one) this time instead of getting blasted by downvotes with no actual arguments as to why I’m wrong

Also, here are the bonus memes:



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