Idea for next gimmick line; tanks that actually hit and pen where you aim with standard ammo.

The T-803 had me thinking; wow! Heck with Rockets and weird loading modes! What is amazing is a tank that can actually hit and pen what it is aiming at. Give me a gunner that doesn’t instantly forget where he is aiming when the enemy goes dark. That would be amazing! Give me a tank line with a competitive shell that isn’t a premium round, that maybe scales with the tier it is firing at. That way it isn’t OP at it’s tier and below, but it can actually compete when it is bottom tier!

This line release has the smell of failure. Let’s look at the tier 10; It is even worse that the Vz.55 is on track because it is faster than the BZ-75 to position, it has better armor, it has a better gun, and it is everywhere. The rockets are really nice when you want to go to full speed instantly, to either escape, or to get a shot. I think most of us are relieved it wasn’t as ridiculous as the BZ-176, but the better of the two guns they seemed to combine the ideas of the two.

Wouldn’t it be great if they just gave us a reliable gun with a decent armor layout? I think of the super conq., but don’t a lot of people load full gold because the base pen is too unreliable?

Or do you think that would be a bad idea if we had a gun that didn’t make us want to through the computer out of the window?

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