IDEA TIME: Grand Battles for Tiers 8-9 w/ Same tier MM?

The Idea:

It is toggle ON/OFF feature Make Grand Battle maps and *some* of the larger maps a 20v20 battle The MM would either be Same Tier at tier 8 and 9 (tier 8’s vs. 8’s, 9’s vs. 9’s) The MM would only look for these battles given a sufficient numbers of players in queue

The reasoning: I feel like grand battles a very rare occurrence these days and could be expanded to other tiers to add variety to the map selection. It also would give opportunities for people farming credits or xp to get more, as there is more to damage and spotting with 20 players. If people don’t like it, or they are playing slower, stock, or bad tanks, they could toggle the battles off.

What do we think?

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