I’m a Pay To Win player

Hey guys I wanted to share my almost 10 years wot. When I startet I quickly figgured out that I had no patience of grinding tech trees nor training crew skills (one of the reasons was my wife she really hated seeing me playing WOT all evening). So thats when I decided for pay to win having at least good games and times in the few games I could play. So right from the start I bought every month the 100 eur package gold and credits. Gold to convert my experience to unlook tech trees and credits to buy crew books. Plus Premium tanks. Turned out that I was addicted to this game, I spend the way too much money and I was still an avarage player. Eventually I decided after I guess 4 years to erase my account. The approval took quite loong back then. Guess what, one year later I started a new account, and I did the same thing again! Me idiot. Long story short, as of now I know I can’t stop playing WOT so I’m playing only in winter time. Saves me half the money and my wife is happy in summer. In the 6 months I do buy battle passes and xmas loot boxes. I think it’s the best way if you want to spend your money on WOT. Since I have some really good tanks and great crews in my garage. And when I play, which is like an hour a day, not every day, the battles are quite fun. With my latest account I started to learn from quicky baby and also from Lacho Wot replays. That thought me a lot. Imagine I had the Waffentrager but didn’t like it because I thought it was a TD meant to sit in bushes. I always died. Looking back the game used to be more personell I met many strangers just by teaming up and we used to chat a lot after the game. Today everyone desapears after the game is over. And I liked it chatting to the tomatoes, they stopped this function because some idiots of your team would expose the location of your last team survivor hiding somewhere. Today it works out well as I don’t get nervous brakedowns trying to grind tech trees and the good tanks with good crews allow me to compensate my age of 51 (means also I can afford paying). My reaction is really different how it used to be. Hope I didn’t bore you with my story, have fun with this awesome game!

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