I’m an average player, playing from time to time, what tank should I pick next?

I’m an average player with yellow(~1000) wn8. I have general knowledge about week spots, more less know strengths and weaknesses of most of tanks. I know about tactics like side scrap, sticking with tank destroyers and hitting their tracks. I have an average understanding of this game. I’ve started and still play a lot with arty. The only tanks beside these are amx elc, type 64 and p44, I rarely play any of them. Although I like a lot to play obj. 430 with which I can ricochet some things if I play well and I can penetrate most things I encounter, but it’s not too accurate.

Thus I’m looking for another obj.430, a decent medium tank, which can reflect a bullet if played correctly, penetrate most things I encounter, I think I can sacrifice some damage for accuracy or just for fun game play. Because I mainly want to enjoy the tank, good if the line to it is decent too, I may simply stop playing or reach X tier after a year or two. If it earns well that’s good too.

I understand that meeting all this requirements is impossible because of how the game is designed, but I’m not good enough at this game to pick something myself. If you also could pick more than one tank, I simply won’t play some lines because tier X looks ugly imo.

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