I’m at tier 9-10 on 13 different lines, but can only afford 4 tier 10s, Which should I pick?

Pretty basic: I’ve got about 30 million credits (thanks Holiday Ops), and am looking at what tier 10s to get next. Wanna know what you guys think about it, as I am pretty conflicted between tanks that are too similar to what I already have, and tanks I might not enjoy as much to play. Anyhow, here are the tanks I’m grinding the 9 or 10s currently (I can, roughly, afford 4 of them):

M-V-Y Sheridan Obj. 705A ST-II K-91 T-100 LT Rhm. Pzw. Manticore EBR 105 WZ-113G FT WZ-132-1 UDES 15/16 Rinoceronte

(You can assume that I have every other tier 10s, I mostly enjoy Heavium gameplay, but feel I might already have too many of them).

Otherwise, I do hope you have a wonderful end of 2022, good day to y’all!

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