I’m getting better!

Quick follow up to my “I suck at this game” post from a while back.

The good news is, I don’t suck anymore. I’m still not good, but at least I don’t suck.

I took some of the great advice people posted and it really helped. I downloaded one of those minimap overlays that shows the popular spots, which has really helped me learn my own positioning on different maps. I’m learning to use cover more effectively. And most importantly, I’m trying really hard to be patient and take a smart approach to every game.

I still find some things really frustrating about this game, especially at the higher tiers. Seems like at a certain level there are a lot of premium tanks running gold ammo and games (at least on certain maps) become stalemates, with most players just picking a spot to hide and wait. As soon as you stick your nose out, blam! I find those games really unenjoyable.

But anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the solid advice.

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