I’m looking for a clan in EU

My name is Mido, I am looking for a clan to play in the next campaign in EU. Available full time. Close to the requirements but I dont match it.

ingame name: Xx_MidoTheBest_xX

stats: https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/Xx_MidoTheBest_xX

Discord: MidoTheBeast#0001

Played the last campaign with clan M1rvl, I can’t find the alley of fame maybe it’s unavailable atm but I achieved 19-23K something in between I can’t remember (I think I have to mention that I achieved this score after a rogue officer kicked all players and we wasted 2 days and got 2 red cards). I’m currently in M1RVL but the clan is dead.

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