I’m performing really bad at heavies and I need resources to help me improve

I do well in mediums and especially lights. Heavies seem a lot more unforgiving. 10 years ago I played mainly heavies and had a 57% WR in them. Now I can barely cross 46%. Long story I’m always running out of credits and with the event coming up I bought a renegade and it’s just painful. I’m familiar with hull down and side scraping mechanics just not with most enemy heavies I play against. My issue is mostly with positioning (which i feel is the most important factor for heavies) and aiming cupola shots. I’m grinding the American and Russian tier 8 lines currently and they are making feel overwhelmed.

People always recommend heavies as the easiest to play class but I am really struggling to enjoy it (especially when I’m forced to do it to complete missions). I’ve been stuck on HT-15 for more than a year now. I’d stick to lower tiers but I need credits to buy discounted consumables and tanks. I improved so fast with lights and mediums everything just clicked after a while. Any resources to help especially with positioning?

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