Im playing in WoT only for grind, its normal or its what everyone is doing?

My point is – i dont think WoT is superb game, its fine and only fine, nothing more. Yet – when im playing, and last time after long break im doing it quite often, im doing it only to grind, almost like im addicted to maxing tank tech tree lines. Ok – maybe thats normal behavior to get what you want so final reward, in this case X tier. But when i buy them then i forgot about them and starts grinding next X tank, and its always like that. For example, i have almost 20k battles, 16’X tires in garage, and less than 1000 battles in X’s, not so much i think. I dont even know if i still have fun while playing IT (almost 12 years in game), but i know one thing for sure, MUST. TO. GRIND. Im only one or its normal thing for us, WoT players?

Anyway, is ob705 worth grinding it?

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