I’m sick of having bonds saved for a stale bond shop. I need some SPICE.

I’ve saved and saved and saved my bonds after I bought my last pieces of improved equipment (rammer for my WT auf.pz IV, now in my 60tp and a stabiliser for my rhino), and bought myself the FV215b on impulse around Christmas time because I was so sick of saving my bonds for something new, and I just thought screw it. I’m not bothered about any of the premiums in the shop, only the tier 10s.

Anyway, the FV was a good purchase and I’ve enjoyed it but I’m not especially bothered about many of the tanks in the tech trees (I have the ones I want, just grinding the 50b at the moment) but I really want something with a bit of ZEST from the bond shop like the Foch 155 or T-22 medium (I have the 183 already btw).

I’ve got about 16k saved and I’d rather be able to buy something at tier X outright than have to waste my life playing ranked for the 1b or kpz (both of which I would very much like).

I know the advantages of improved equipment etc, I’m only focused on the tanks.

Does anyone know when the shop will be updated and with what?


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