In-Game stats + images of the flamethrower tank [Lesta]

Minimum Stun Time: 11.88 s Max Stun Time: 12 s Recharge of the entire drum: 19.18 s Reload between projectiles: 0.17 s (4.00 s in-between bursts) Number of shells in the drum: 42 pcs (14 pcs per burst) Gun rate of fire: 74.83 rnds/min Aim Time: 2.88 s Elevation angles: -5/+20 deg Horizontal aiming angles: -30/+30 deg Spread at 100 m: 2.40 m Dispersion after shot: 0.00 m Dispersion on damage: 2.00 m Dispersion from movement (max): 0.04 m Spread from chassis turn (max.): 0.04 m Spread from sight rotation (max.): 0.00 m Ammunition: 1,400 pcs Projectile type: HE Penetration of standard HE: 85 mm “Shell” velocity of standard HE: 50 m/s Damage of standard HE: 40 HP Average damage per minute of standard HE: 2,993 HP Damage by modules standard HE: 45 Cost of standard HE: 5 credits Damage radius standard HE: 0.01 m

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