Indien-Panzer Crew Skills

Hey everyone,

Just looking for some input regarding what crew skills to pick for the Indien-Panzer.

I have a full female crew in it (so Sisterhood of Steel as a 0 Perk) and by using some crew books I can pick 2 more full skills and the “third” will be around 65%.

I’m thinking of going with the following;

Commander: 6th Sense, Camo, Sit Awareness (65%) Gunner: Des Target, Camo, Snap Shot (65%) Driver: Smooth Ride, Camo, Off-Road (65%) Loader: Safe Stow, Camo, Intuition (65%)

After that “3rd” skill is done I was gonna go with recon on commander, repairs for gunner and driver and then firefighting for loader.

Please let me know what you think.

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