Insane losing streaks with newly purchased tanks

So recently I finally collected enough bonds to buy the legendary M60. Prior to that I had also purchased Firefly (British tier VI).

With both of them no matter what server I logged in the first day I was consecutively getting these under 3 minute losses when the team goes one flank and gets circled and dies. It’s as bad as 9 games 1 victory which sets a pretty shitty win ratio from the beginning.

I’m curious why this happens. Other day with another tank I had a streak on the other hand where I barely managed to even fire a shot and won.

I’ve been in the game with some pauses since 2012. Recently started playing after 3 years off and it seems even worse than back then. Most often these streaks really happen with new tanks.

The reason I stopped playing 3 years ago was that after buying T-10 the games were extremely unbalanced. After playing around 50 battles with it the win ratio was around 28%. Even if I just were idle all these 50 games the probability of this happening naturally is really pretty low.

Now after the 10 year wait for M60 I’m impressed because it really is an amazing tank but I also am kinda frustrated by this so I’m considering to just quit the game forever or for a few years again.

If you have any similar experience with losing long streaks with new tanks please share.

also I need to add this doesn’t happen always but when it does it really is a very long streak of losses no matter what I do. On the other hand though strange winning streaks also happen often. Usually not as long tho.

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