Internal module damage is complicated

So, after the post of that poor 60TP, a friend and I started talking about module damage, and I wanted to do some more reading on how it’s actually calculated. It’s a surprisingly complex system, and I figure there’s probably under a dozen players on this sub who knew even half this stuff.
It’s interesting to see all of the complexities in a system that almost all of us outright ignore,and simply deal with the consequences as they arise.

For anyone curious; When a shell penetrates, it travels through the tank’s hull ten times the distance of its caliber (A 100mm shell will travel 1000mm/1m, a 150mm will travel 1.5 meters, etc). As it passes through modules, each one has a chance of taking damage from the shell. I posted a comment about the chance for each module, for anyone who is interested. If the module does take damage, then the shell deals its “module damage” to it with zero RNG applied. When a module drops below 50%, it becomes the yellow “damaged” that we all know and love. At 0%, it gets destroyed and has to go through a repair time (or sets fire/outright detonates the tank, in the case of fuel tanks and ammo racks) which will bring it up to 50%.
I’m fairly certain that a module at 60% durability will regenerate HP over time back to 100%, and I think the same is true for a 10% module regenerating to 50%; but I can’t find any sources on this. If anyone knows of one, I’d love to know.

Even for just the engine, there’s more depth then you would think. Most of us probably know that hitting the transmission on a tiger will damage its engine module, but it turns out that only shells to the engine itself have the chance of starting a fire. Also, the wording is a little unclear, but I’m pretty sure that fire chance and engine damage chance are completely separate, meaning the engine might get lucky and take no damage while the fire chance fails and you start burning. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Apparently the drivewheel and idler do 2x the regular module damage, which personally I never knew. I just figured it was a guaranteed instant track. I’ll have to see how healthy you could get a track with field mods and equipment.

None of this is really all that useful, and ignoring the systems will have basically no impact on the way anyone plays; I personally just find it interesting that there’s a constant system of penetration depth, tracked HP for every module, different damage types to different places, etc all working in the background, unnoticed until one of your modules drops below 50% and you burn a repair kit.

(I read basically all of this off the wiki, which isn’t exactly kept super up to date; so feel free to correct anything that’s wrong)


Going all the way back to that unlucky 60TP; it turns out the 60TP has a 210 HP ammorack, and a T110E4 has exactly 210 module damage. So the 60TP got unlucky and failed the 27% (30% if the E4 had deadshot) ammorack damage chance, and was dealt the exact amount of module damage to destroy his ammorack in a single shot. Having safe stowage would have saved him a couple thousand hitpoints, which isn’t something you hear too often.

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