IS-3 – It’s got to be me…

I used to be pretty ok at my IS-3. It was the first tank I ever two-marked and felt like I could hold my own in it even against T9’s. W/R was like 54% or something in that tank. Lately I came back to it after becoming a better player for the past two years. I. Can. Not. Play. This. Thing. Anymore.

I am unsure what’s changed and don’t want to just blame “power creep meta tanks” but I feel like absolute butter to everything I face and I’m actively shitting it up for my team and feel bad about it. I have maybe 15 games in it since I came back to it and have 0 damage in more than 50% of the games. It’s really awful.

Am I right to feel this way or just having a streak of derpyness? Is it still pretty playable? If it’s just me, I’ll ride out my own badness and maybe it’ll help my overall play. But if it’s as bad as it feels I might just garage it again.


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