IS-5 struggle compared to other russian heavy

Hello guys, is it common know that IS-5 is bad? Back in my days it was good if i remember correctly (it was given to good clan players) but i never had it. Recently i came back after years of stop and i bought the IS-5 as a moneymaker (im basically a free to play player)
Im playing it SO BAD. On average i don’t even do my own hp of damage to the enemy… by a big margin
it’s not like i usually play russian heavy so bad, i have 3 gunmarks on IS-3 for example, the gun feels so much better and the armor too! Is-5 gun is terrible, you aim for so much and you still miss :/ IS-3 instead snapshot with 0 aim and hit. Also i can’t work with the armor, everything just goes trough

Any tips? 1700 avg damage on IS-3 played as a first tier 8 many years ago (so i was a worst player i suppose). Avg damage on my IS-5 is like 1200..
Do you have to play them differently?? of course sometimes RNG is good and i can do 4000+ on is5, but often i do 800 damage with a lot of miss!

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