Is arty unhealthy for the game?

I’ve been asking on plenty of sites this, I see a lot of complaints and so on, in this occasion I wanted to ask for that specific question, “is it unhealthy?”.

I was asked: “Do you like being shot from the base?”

My honest answer was: “I don’t care”

Thinking a bit about that, and keeping in mind that me, in particular, don’t care at all, came the question: Is unhealthy? I think this question is quite important in this case.

The scenario I thought about was: What if are there 3 heavy tanks camping each other on a place without being able to peek? In this case, arty can make a difference and make the game move, isn’t it?

In the other hand I think it can be stressful to be killed from the base, yes, it has happened to me, but still, I don’t care at all. So, I came to ask you guys:

Do you think Arty itself is unhealthy for the game?


If it is, how should it be balanced?

Disclaimer: I have 1k battles only, I didn’t come here to argue against or in favor, I came here to make the question, read your comments and try to understand better the complaints, even when I haven’t felt the “arty disgrace”. I’m not interested on arguing, trolling or even on “you should learn to play lol”

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