Is EBR the only way to go for me?

I used to play a lot of T-54 back in 2012, which was fast, versatile, had troll armor and most importantly could flex fast, drive around people and kinda make myself half-proof from random players on my team. Now my 2nd favorite tank is… TERRIBLE, which is an understatement of the year.

Nowadays I see, that what could T-54 do, can only be done with EBR 105, or the lower tier premium version of it. The mobility alone is what makes me think it’s the ultimate troll vehicle. Since everyone in the game is sitting comfortably in that one spot, preaiming all the time, or camping, it literally takes 2-3 shots in their ass, to force them to do ANYTHING.

Shall I grind for EBR or is there another tank/wheeler I should consider?

I feel it’s the only vehicle that can influence the game regardless of teammates/enemies and circumstances.

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