Is food worth it while credit-grinding? + question about premium light tanks

I’ve got a question about premium consumable on T8 premium tanks. If I’m trying to make money, is it worth getting food? I’ve been getting decent amount of credits and I’m positive that even in a bad game, I could break even, but I’m wondering if the benefits are good enough to validate the price for the chance of even bigger profits during a winning game – if I can tip the balance.

I have in mind mostly ELC EVEN 90 and coffee for better spotting for the team.

Second question: I’ve got interested in HWK 30 after some comparisons with M41 Black Dog which was a major pain in the ass in one game for me. Basically, the player not only spotted everyone, but harrassed with the gun pretty consistently my backside. I’ve watched skill4ltu’s vid on the Black Dog and he said it’s comparable with HWK 30. Are those light tanks fun to play? I was wondering about some less passive scouting and some scout/med role. Scout actively, but also shoot, instead of bushwanking with ELC. Obviously, I’d like to take a chance with the supposedly-best russian light, but it’s not available.

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