Is it not possible to balance this game, or simply WG does not want to? Is WoT the game that makes you dependent on the RNG the most?

Firstly, I never played a game that makes you more dependent on the RNG. WoT kills with it. And I understand this concept has to be like this due to the arcadness of the game but is it really not possible to balance things out? Do they leave it like this, since a large chunk of the player base is on the lower side of skilled, and RNG gives them that luck they need? And more experienced players are not counted in, because they are not the payers as the other ones are?

The two biggest issues in the game for me are shooting and teams.

The circle in snipe mode is where WG takes all the freedom from you. You maybe have 10% of your will in shooting mode for shells to go where you want them to go. 90% is taken by WG and put into RNG mode and RNG decides where they go, everywhere but not where you aim. Can this be changed and how? Again, it’s due to arcade mod, and I get it, but having ~90% of your shoots depend on the RNG doesn’t make it right?

Teams-out of 50 games, 35 of my games are either 15:5 wins or 15:5 losses. I get 5-6 losses at the time, and I know I am not the only one. Not to mention the ranked battles, 8/10 are like that. So, when you count everything in, it’s totally understandable why WoT is one of the worst games out there for your nerves-RNG will help you to lose them, especially if you chase something-don’t do this EVER. If you chase something in this game, you will lose your nerves in a day, and break the shit around your house.

So, do you see a way to make this game ever balanced?

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