Is it still worth to go for Object 140 when I don’t enjoy the gameplay of T-44?

I admit. I can’t make this tank work. For me it’s “versatile” in a worst way, as not “go everywhere, do everything”, but “go everywhere, do nothing” tank.

I’m unable to find the place of T-44 on the battlefield. It can’t fulfill any role reliably enough to provide enjoyable gameplay:

Paper hull armor, so I can’t use it.

Unreliable turret armor, so I can’t play hull-down.

Not enough gun depression, so I can’t play on ridgelines.

Low alpha, so I can’t trade.

Average DPM, so I can’t out-DPM enemies.

Gun which trolls me too much to believe it’s accurate, so I can’t snipe.

(To every point above add: “reliably”)

Low standard penetration and gold ammo being outright better in every aspect, so it’s the first tank I’m considering to use full gold load out on it.

And when people are saying T-44 is “Epic” tank, I’m just feeling sad I can’t make it work for me…

So I’m asking:

Is Object 140 the same as T-44 “jack of all trades, master of none” in the worst way possible?

Or alternatively:

How to play with T-44? Where’s its place on battlefield?

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