Is it worth grinding for the T-54 if I already have the T 55A, or should I go for something else for my Chimera missions?

I want to do a Soviet/Chinese line for Chimera Campaign Union missions and thought of the T-54 since it seems most people have one and I’ve read it has better armour than the T 55A.

Or are the tanks similar enough for it to not be worth it? If so, is there another Union Medium tank line I should go down? I have none of the Union Mediums unlocked. I’m mainly a Light/Medium tank player, so that’s why I was thinking them. I am willing to go down a non-medium line, so it’s not set in stone.

I have a lot more Soviet blueprints than Chinese ones, so would prefer a Soviet line.

(Union-wise, I have already reached tier 10 with the Object 268, IS-4, ST-II and LT-100)


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