is it worth it unlocking field mods while grinding to unlock the next tank, T-10.

I had the T-10 elited when it was under the IS-7 line, now i have just decided to start grinding to unlock the Obj-277, and i am faced with an uncommon decision to make, should i unlock all the field mods before unlocking the next tank, or should i just unlock the next tank and forget about field mods.

1- I am not in a rush to unlock the Obj-277, i will probably never buy it as i already have the IS-7.

2- I rarely play tanks that i have elited so I don’t know how much of a difference field mods make, i have them on a couple tier 8 premiums but I am not sure if they actually do that much.

3- i like the T-10 i think its a good tank so i don’t mind playing it for a while longer.

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