is it worth running tier 8-10 tanks??

I’m a casual player and I used to play on console back in like 2015 or 2016. I’ve been playing sporadically on PC for the past couple of months and I did get a few free tier 6 premium tanks for 7 years of service. I sold most of them for silver since I dont plan on spending real money to buy gold in order to convert xp.

My current highest tier tank is a tiger 2 (lowkey feels like its made of aluminum bc everyone penetrates my tank) but damn even if I have a decent match, the ammo is expensive and the repairs are too. I dont really plan on buying any premium tanks or spend much money on the game since the fun thing to me is grinding out the tech tree vehicles. I also get absolutely obliterated when I get into tier 10 lobbies with it lol I feel like this tech tree wasnt my best choice.

I currently have a couple of weeks of premium left so that’s good enough for me. Is it ever profitable to keep playing on tier 8 with tech tree tanks or is this game more of a pay to win type of game nowadays? (some premium tanks seem really OP) Also, is WoT plus worth it? I’ve been wanting to try it at least for a month but I feel like my main issue is running out of silver and it looks like it doesn’t really help with that. Thanks in advance!!

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