Is T832 worth it?

I think I can claim that T32 has been my favourite Tier 8 tank since I got it all those years ago, never had issues with it and almost never used gold ammo, even back when it had 198 penetration. Therefore a premium version with an admittedly very cool skin, full premium economy, and better gun handling seems like a great deal. I would not need to spend anything for it, I’ve got enough gold from the holiday loot boxes.

Still, I’m not sure about what to do. That gold could be saved for trade-in events, free xp conversion and so on, and I could acquire more interesting premiums (was looking at Skoda T 27 and Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 among others). Also, T832 has considerably worse DPM compared to the techtree T32, and that too is a concern.

For the record, I already have the big boy premiums – Skoda, Bourrasque, BZ, Iron Arnie.

Please advise!

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