Is the amount of T95’s on the NA server getting oppressive?

Seriously, I get that it’s a meme tank but it’s been in the top 5-10 most played tanks across all tiers for months now, and these things are so so annoying to play against. Thought that the conclusion of the last battle pass (E3), and the end of E3 on track would stop it, but no. This tank is way too easy to play and a team that has a T95 effectively has an extra heavy tank with how it is being played. Compounded by the fact that hardening exists and tracking them is extremely difficult, I honestly believe this is a problem with the game.

Turbo T95’s with heavy support steamroll tier 9 and even tier 10 matches, with no opportunity to outflank them because of the corridor nature of many maps. Thus, players are forced to either frontally fight a vehicle that is designed for exactly that type of engagement or run away and give up map control. New arty is pretty much powerless against it unless there is 3, but that is very rare now.

Finally, add that the only frontal means of killing the T95 is small, gold-reliant pen on the lower plate or a cupola that has a scuffed armour model, meanwhile this vehicle has a 750 alpha gun with high pen that does not require it to expose itself for a long period of time to deal return fire, it is no wonder any 47% player can simply w key through heavy flanks. If you don’t have 260mm+ pen (and remember this tank faces tier 7s for gods sake) you are literally screwed.

Would love any thoughts.

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