Is the compensation code giving you 500 gold for Obj 430U 3D style changes not working for everyone else?

So last night I get an email from Wargaming saying that changes were recently made to the Obj 430U’s “Kelavra” 3D style, and they’re issuing 500 gold as compensation for anyone who feels dissatisfied with the changes. The change in question was removing the large white V on the turret, which I can only assume is to distance themselves from modern Russia’s unlawful and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine where their vehicles sport large white V’s and Z’s, but when I click the link in the email and go to the bonus code page where I am logged in, I just get “Invalid code. Please make sure you entered the correct code” when I try to submit it. Did anyone else who got one of these emails try to redeem it and have the same thing happen, or am I just super unlucky and the code-issuing bot made a mistake or something.

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