Is the E3 better tier for tier than the TS-5?

Hey guys,

I got the TS-5 from the CC bundles and played it a good amount of games from then.

I like heavy tanks and tanky mediums, but somehow I seem to not have that much fun with tanky TD’s because even by trying not to be too overconfident in my armor, everything seems to get 300 heat pen these days and super OP tanks like my Renegade seem to have even better armor than the TS-5 (because keeping a good angle is much more easy).

I am not saying that the TS-5 needs a buff, its a very strong tank (maybe even OP) but by playing other heavy T8 OP premium tanks the tradeoff to have no turret feels not very rewarding for me.

I was thinking to use the TS-5 crew to make my way to the E3, do you think I will also dissapointed by the armor in comparison to something like an SConq or does it feel impenetrable like an Kranvagn but for flat maps?

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