Is the game in a dying state?

Is the game in a dying state? I know this subreddit must receive several posts asking the same thing, but I’m not asking if the game is dead or not, clearly it’s not, but I’m afraid it’s going to that end. I’ve been a War Thunder player for 6 years, I finally decided to “change” game and come to WoT after several changes that the game had, but putting both in comparison, in recent years War Thunder grew in playerbase, while WoT , in-game, on the NA server I see 10k in the last few days. Has the game been in this playercount state for a long time? ever been bigger? If so, I consider it a red flag for me, a beginner, to invest in a game with a declining community. Another point I noticed was in low tiers (I – V) the presence of almost 90% of the match with bots in most matches, my account has already been used for a few weeks, so I think it’s not some kind of protection for newbies. I also consider this a red-flag, probably indicating that there is no new playerbase and only veterans.

I am by no means saying the game is bad, quite the opposite, loving it, even artillary, and the grind is so much better than in War Thunder, I am only worried cause i’m enjoying it

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