Is the Minotauro the new 279e?

Once a Minotauro goes hulldown on a flank it seems you might as well change sides or just lean back and watch while your team gets farmed.

Same if your team gets paper TD’s or other uncompetitive triangles (sitting in base) while the other team gets one or more Minotauro’s.

On the other hand I can understand when people say this tank is boring to play and not really fun.

But is WG going to make any changes to it?

WR is 2nd highest from all tech tree T10’s currently, but as I see it, nerfing mobility or gun will just make it even more unfun to play will keeping it just as frustrating to play against.

And doing that seems to be the only real idea WG has for “adjusting tanks”, at least in the last few years.

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