Is the Panther 8.8 viable for someone who enjoyed the Panther line?

My recruit is close to finishing the referral program, and I’m seriously considering the Panther 8.8cm for the following reasons:

Great DPM and good shell damage I enjoyed playing the Panther, Panther II, and E50 as second line snipers at the start of the game, and then more vicious prowlers late game, and I think the P88 can play similarly Penetration may be on the lower side, but I carry liberal amounts of APCR in the Panthers anyway I know there are better tanks in the referral program right now, but I just don’t find them to be interesting. 112 lacks pen, Liberte sees Tier X and is pretty easy to counter in T8-9 games, did not enjoy the T54Mod1, FV4202 looks to be decent but I don’t have any British crews, Ravioli looks nice but I don’t have any french medium crews, and the casemate TDs just aren’t my cup of tea.

Is there anything that severely hampers the P88 aside from poor armor? I plan on mounting a turbocharger on this thing anyways. I heard people were saying the gun bloom was pretty garbage but honestly, the P88 seems like a strong tier 8 support medium after the buffs and in some cases, a better Panther II.

Your opinions on it would be very helpful in allowing me to make an informed decision. Thanks!

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