Is the Penetration dot bugged or something?

I’ve played the game for about10 years so I know how aiming and shooting is supposed to feel in this game, but since the last update i’ve had hundreds of point blank penetrating shots completely miss or ricochet.

I noticed it the very first game after the update, I’m aiming at a well known weakspot, both The enemy tank and i are not moving and both with 20 meters of each other. I aim at this side profile thats completely exposed, aim all the way in, wait a half second like always and fire. Ricochet, does not penetrate, critical damage!-but no damage. I shot the guy 3 times and all three bounced.

Now this is to be expected, and I actually don’t let it bother me as this is supposed to happen 25% of the time.

But how about 60% of my shots over 200 matches since the last update.

It’s actually driving me absolutely crazy. I’ve started recording all my games and the amount of ghost shots and perfectly aimed close range shots that absolutely should have penetrated is staggering.

The problem persists across all my tanks, but I first noticed in my most accurate tank the E50m. Years of playing this tank every day and I noticed the first game something was super off. Thats why I think this is some sort of penetration bug. I’m running a very stable fiber connection on a gutted windows 11 build, so i’m 99% sure its not a network or software issue on my side.

I’m guessing the server does some quick math to find out if your shots are penetrating or not and I think a network issue server side is slowing the way it processes information and return’s “null tokens” for a few shots it can’t tell if they penetrated or not in a timely fashion. So I get ghost shots or tanks that aren’t moving and bounces when I should penetrate.

For days I thought it was me somehow, tilted or shaking my mouse hand right as I pull the trigger, but no, this server has been on some BS.

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