Is the Sherman a generally miserable experience, moreso than the usual noob miserable?

I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing in it. Am I supposed to snipe, flank, brawl?

Because it genuinely seems like it has exactly zero of the requirements to do ANY of those things.

The guns are inaccurate, don’t pen anything I need to hit, it can’t tank light gunfire, and it’s slow.

I can’t equip the upgraded 76 mm because I need to research the suspension, which is taking forever because every single battle I am wholly incapable of doing anything worthwhile to get XP. Which would be kind of okay if I was winning but I am losing every single fucking match in this thing.

Not to mention I don’t have the credits to buy the equipment to make it even slightly less miserable.

Or do I absolutely need to be buying premium ammo?

Because if this is normal for the entirety of the game I think I just found the world’s largest group of masochists.

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