Is the social dynamic in most clans like this?

So i’m wondering if someone has the same experience. I recently started playin cw, i tested out a few clans and my experience was mostly the same – extremely toxic players, including the field commanders.

I can have like 5-10 good games, like for example enemy ebr gets spotted from the entire team only i hit him with my slow ass heat shell or be in the middle or top by damage in most games, despite having next to 0 cw experience. But the moment i have a bad game where mostly rng fucks me or fc didn’t tell me anything about what my role in a certain position is, i get multiple people screeching at me and saying insulting shit when i say nothing when they fuck up.

I had a fc who averaged like 1 shot per game in a 279e yet nobody said a word to him.

Is the point of cw just to endure this bs and grow a thick skin just to get the rewards? Or did i just get into shit clans and clans where there are respectable humans exist?

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