Is there a mod/setting to make the notification center and post-battle resutls less janky?

So I’m not an amazing player so typically I have 2-3 tanks in battles at once.

When a game ends, it freezes the whole UI for like 10 seconds whilst the notification for the post-battle results window disappears before I can click ‘details’.

I then click the notifications button, see that two games have finished so I scroll up to click details on the first game, then the notifications menu closes. So now I have to click the notifications button again, then scroll up again from the bottom to click details for the other game…

It’s just so tedious but I couldn’t find any mods in Aslain’s that specifically target these areas of the UI.

Is there any hope or is this just something we all put up with?

edit to add: I guess I should state what sort of behaviour I was hoping for… Something that either leaves the notifications window open when I click ‘details’ or perhaps even something that forces the game to show all of the post-battle results screens that have stacked up since you last went back to the garage

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