Is there a new hack? How in the world???

I am never the kind of player that calls someone out for hacking, but this one was the weirdest thing.

Playing Manticore fully kitted for camo and spotting. I have 6th sense and NEVER got spotted. There were other targets lit to fire at, yet a T92 takes 4 shots in a row at me. EXACTLY where I am, even though I move to different areas and am fully bushed and didn’t knock things over to get into position. Seriously, look at where I move to…the odds are insane that this was possible with me being unlit.

shot 1: 13:47

shot 2: 13:04

Shot 3: 12:21

shot 4: 11:28

Is there some spotting hack or something that makes this possible or was it purely luck?


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