is there historical data to a tanks availability and costs?

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I’m not really far into the game, but have some time i’m investing every week to play games. I’m currently a bit confused about the availabilty of certain tanks.

Whenever there is a certain way to get a non-tech-tree tank I read a lot of questions about the tank being worth to buy because it’s good or not. I’d like to look at this from a collectors view of point and often asking myself if this is a time limited offer.

As an example we can look at the battle pass vehicles buyable by tokens earned trough the progess in the battle pass. Let’s take the Kunze Panzer. Is the Kunze Panzer a tank that already was available before the battle pass? Did the costs of it change? How are the chances that the Kunze Panzer is going to be a reward for future battle passes or are there probabilities for it to be available trough other means?

Another example is todays summer sale offer. Is the 50TP pt only buyable today? What is it’s price in a normal offer?

To summarize: is there someone in the community gathering historical data on the availability and costs of tanks that is easily browsable so I can have a look at certain tanks to understand if they are time limited / premiums / reward tanks, and if it’s worth to react to a offer instead of waiting x weeks/months to get another chance?


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