Is there some bad tank, that you really like to play, and show in random that maybe its not that bad?

For some reason, I really like british infantry tanks of WW2. because of that, I like to play Black Prince.

Sometimes its really funny, as because almost nobody plays this tank, there are many people who have no idea about its armor, and especially the turret. its a great tank when top tier, very mediocre when facing tier 8, and almost useless when facing T9. But its funny, when you bounce insane numbers, sometimes even when bottom tier

Remember one battle, where I bounced like 3K, because tier 8 and 9s, were shooting my turret hulldown, without aiming. They were like – ah, tier 7, thats autopen.

Unfortunately, its one of those tanks, that get worse and worse, with every year, while it would be really easy to buff it – give it something between 180-200 AP pen, slighty better DPS, and thats it. 171 Pen in todays WoT is just laughable.

Also my armor efficinecy was about 0,9, now its 0,8 – because powercreep is real EDIT in this game. Try playing BP against Skoda T56. WG pls what are you doing?

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