Is this a standard reply for appeal?

First and foremost I strongly deny writing anything ban-worthy.


Greetings ——,

Thanks for reaching us back at Wargaming Player Support!

First and foremost, we apologize for the late answer. We’re currently facing a large volume of tickets. We appreciate your effort getting back to us and understand that you want to appeal the suspension on your account.

I want to inform you that I’ve personally checked, and it looks like your ban is completely legitimate, due to insults in chat. Note that due to privacy reasons, we will not share a replay or a clip of the violation in question. We can confirm that we have already taken action against other players found violating our guidelines in the battle in question, and violating the rules back results in the same sanction.

In this case, we cannot proceed with the removal of the ban, because this would be an illegitimate advantage in your favor. Transgressing in this sense would damage our principles of fairness and fair play, and we want to make sure that the rules apply to everyone in equal measure.

Please keep in mind that the decision is final, and it will not be discussed. Also note that we do not refund or compensate Premium time lost as a result of the sanction.

For any other questions, you know where to find us.

I wish you the best of luck, Commander!

Kind regards,

Well I’ve asked all of my data from them as I have right due to the GDPR and I’ll look through all of my writings by myself and then start the real fight.
Meanwhile I’ll just stop playing.

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