Is upgrade remorse a thing?

As a newish player I have been working through On Track currently on T5 P43 (stop laughing you vets, we all have to start somewhere) and finding it pretty grindy.

When I started this tank I hated it, and decided not to even bother equipping it ever, just research and dump. Terminally slow acceleration/traverse/gun traverse, inaccurate gun, bad side/rear armour as you’d expect, too big to hide, can’t really brawl, just no fun to play.

But then something funny happened. After fully researching it and crew got closer and closer to 100% ~100 battles I started doing better and better in it. Much better. I was getting mastery ranks, and in some games just rolling over equal opponents, even punching up on spongey HTs or giving T6s some grief. It seemed my gun was nearly spot on and had much more penetration, finding weak spots, and my front armour bouncing almost everything. I have been finding hidden nuances in it making it fun and topping the team a bit; I am a very substandard seal/tomato I can assure you.

I’m just a bit scared now, should I upgrade to P43 Bis? I don’t want to break this mojo, and even if I keep it, a retrained crew won’t do nearly as well.

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