Is World of Tanks Dying In Russia?

For all the time we have never written that the game is dying or something like that. 
But looking at the statistics of the WOT RU-region for 2022 (now we are talking only about this region), we can say that now this is really the case. Here’s the main one:

Online playerbase fell by 42%. Now it does not exceed 400k and occasionally reaches the bar of 350k
Players decreased by 45%
The number of registrations in the game decreased by 20%
Almost only the main core of players remained in the game, which, in turn, began to play much more (new modes also helped)

Yes, the game will live for another 5-6 years with ~+100k online in the RU-region, but these are completely different numbers and earnings for the company.

Just think about these numbers. In 2021, 12.3 million players played the game, and in 2022 only 6.7 million.
Even if you consider that 1.5 million who were transferred to the EU server, where are the other 4.5 million? This is a huge loss of audience. The transfer is still a small part, the players just leave, they are tired of this game.
According to the indicators, this is the worst year in almost 13 years of the game.

source: wotexpress-info

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