It has been some time since I played…


I enjoyed playing a decent amount several years ago, but have rarely played until about 3 months ago when I rekindled some enthusiasm to play – but have still not played since then. I found much had changed, and frankly don’t have any real knowledge of the systems in use now. This caused me to lose some significant in game credits, etc. So I have a couple questions if someone would be so kind…

First, is there a good and up to date guide to in game currencies, best practices for them, etc that you recommend? I have found some that are older and I do not think they are updated, and frankly don’t know the reputation behind them. I have a fair amount of credits, tokens, etc. I also don’t have knowledge on equipment and crew upgrading, etc.

Second, is there a way to see my account currencies, stats, etc without starting the game itself? I have continued to accumulate tokens and such through drops, stuff through Prime, etc, and last time I logged in I burned through a bunch of premium time, etc. that I had accumulated without having any idea what i was doing anymore. I’d prefer to have a plan going in to maximize that free premium time should I have more available.

Thank you to anyone who replies and hopefully see you soon!

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