Its a great time to be a player in World of Tanks

Hey Folks! Just you friendly neighborhood Private_Public here. Totally not a shill, or in WG’s pockets. What’s that? You see them stuffing money in my pocket? No no, that isn’t money. It is merely insulation to help with the upcoming cold winter months.

But seriously, The game is in a good state, I think. WoT is still going strong after 13+ years (includes alpha and beta testing). There are a lot of online games I’ve played that only last 1-3 years before servers close from lack of population/player base. This means WG is doing something right.

I’ve been spending time observing posts here on Reddit for a while. I think the game is in a good place when the hot-button issue of the day is how a perfectly average Premium tank (with an admittedly awesome skin) is being put into the game.

Days after all the excitement for Crew 2.0 actually looking exciting, Japanese TD’s and HT expansions coming, and the meh reception at Chinese rocket-surgery tanks other than the BZ-176, for the hot-button issue to be a T32 clone with an awesome skin?

If that is the big complaint? I’ll take it.

WG has made some big ‘oopsy-daisy’ in the past. Rubicon anyone? The original Crew 2.0 test that was basically a player base revolt? PR disasters that left egg all over faces not only at WG, but others in the community? Running a company and making home-run decision after home-run decision rarely happens. Sometimes, you poop a little and have to waddle down to the bathroom.

They have also made some changes that likely hurt WG itself deep (not just monetary, but programming/dev talent) that will take time to recover from, in its move from Minsk to its current location. No matter how well you document it – programming is just fishing line tangled in on itself and having to get new people in to decipher it, figure out how it worked, and pick up and keep up quality and somehow start to IMPROVE that quality?

From someone who has been in the IT industry for 22 years – trust me, that is an accomplishment and should be applauded.

I think a lot of the playerbase – myself included – have noticed some very positive changes in game direction. Does the game always change in the way I’d like? No. Does it do enough right to keep me coming back, playing, and finding enjoyment? Yes.

It is currently only 4 days into 2023. Right close to 11 years played on my account. I’ve had highs. I’ve had lows. I’ve seen game updates that are so buggy, large chunks of the player base can’t even log into the game from it crashing. I’ve dealt with memory overflow leaks on Dragon Ridge causing Red-out graphics. I’ve played pre-phsyics, pre-premium ammo for silver, pre-repair kit repairing only 1 track if you had lost both tracks. Seeing the game change graphics engines and go from the old ugly flash-based graphics to the beautiful HD graphics of now. Seeing tech trees added, and meta change overnight from an ‘inconsequential patch’.

Here is hoping that 2023 is another year with strange updates, weird bugs, fun new tanks, new metas, and many happy battles ahead for us all.

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