It’s been a bit with the new HE, wondering what’s the opinion about the changes, after playing with them for a little while now ?

In my humble opinion its failed to make HE worth it for small caliber guns, unless they already have high pen HE, Its made large caliber guns, not use HE at all(or some if you know arty or FV will be around). And the only good use for them now, is damaging arty or a light tank if you have decent alpha and pen for em. Meaning they are just higher alpha ap ammo.

It’s made the meta of ”hulldown” even stronger, ranked is all about ”hull down, good -depression” tanks ,while in normal mode, seeing a kranvagn or chieftan in position is just game of either dying or switching flank.

Old HE did these things, but it also gave an option to force someone out of a hulldown position, because it would deal damage to them, despite their amazing location in the map , and it gave big caliber guns a purpose, because now, for example, why would you use 60tp in a heavy flank(banana) in Himmelsdorf, if everyone is hulldown, you are going to snipe a pixel that is smaller than your shell, just to hope that one hits so you don’t end the game with 10 bounces and 0 damage.

The ”problem” that old HE had, was it made some Hulldown tanks(Kranvagn,stb,super conq,etc) have to make trades or think a bit, despite their commanding location, since it was not thick armor, but just well sloped. Now that issue is fixed, its made more tanks not useable while others that where strong now are REALLY strong.(Not useable as in, you either have an accurate gun or you are screwed)

We all know WG does not care for balance (besides their bank one). Just wondering if the community here feels the same.

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