It’s confirmed that the tokens can be kept until December.

I am not sure now if I want to get the kpz, what if the next tank is amazing or something. What do you think and what are u gonna do?


There is a month left until the end of the Season 4 Battle Pass. It will end on June 23rd at 03:30 UTC.

Here are a few details that it’s necessary to clarify before the end of this season.

Battle Pass: Season 5 (summer) starts at the end of June with the release of update 1.13 WOT and will last until early September.
• By the start of Season 5 of the Battle Pass, all progress will be reset and the accumulated progress points on the tanks themselves will also be reset.
• Earned tokens this season WILL RESTORE until the end of the year. Around the start of the 2022 New Year Offensive in early December 2021.
• Earned tokens should not be immediately exchanged for Bonds or Reserves. It will be better to do this at the end of the year or when you buy out all the equipment you need.
• Be more careful when buying promotional tanks lvl 9 for tokens. Perhaps you had tanks, but you sold them and they are in the tank restoration. It is better to restore them for silver than to spend tokens.
• In total, during the season, BP can receive 9 tokens for free, with the purchase of an improved pass of 18 tokens. Up to 54 tokens can be obtained per year if an improved pass is purchased.
• There is a problem with the accrual of the Strictly to the South medal. It will be added to the next update (1.13) to everyone who has completed the current Battle Pass completely.
• Commanders for the Battle Pass have no time limit for recruiting.


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