Its not just losing

It’s losing 6 or more in a row by worse than 5-15 each time, with a 0-15 thrown in. I know it happens, its just rng, and I may win 6 in a row tomorrow, but damn it’s hard to take when everyone just melts all around you game after game. I don’t mind losing, its not even being in the game at all.

I’m just not a believer that some type of rank based mm is not desirable, and I don’t believe that queue times would increase AT ALL.

Get the 30 tanks that are matched for a game – as you do now – then sort and assign them to each team based on their WG personal ratings. Yes I know WG rating is not a great rating, but IMO it’s adequate and would do just fine. Yes I know it wouldn’t be perfect, but no one is asking for perfect, just better.

I simply don’t believe that a system like what I’m talking about would not be better than what we have now. It would literally take milliseconds to apply, and could result in a significant improvement. And no it would not take vast coding resources and planning. Yes I know we’ll get some dull marginal coders telling us “how complex this all is” but no its not its just sorting arrays.

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